We just want to fly, but… it’s a new world

How to fly under CAR part IX

Point to note – When taking your BASIC license all the study resources quote DRONES. This includes aircraft also.

A) The first resource is the DRONE PILOT STUDY RESOURCES  – This is a full and comprehensive recommended path to follow when taking your BASIC licence. However, it is the lengthy path to take.

B) A more concise resource is DRONE SAFETY


Register your aircraft with Transport Canada. If you have more than one aircraft, register the ones you want to fly. REGISTER YOUR DRONE

Install either/both the RPAS WILCO or NAV DRONE app to your mobile phone.

Once you have registered with these apps upload your licence and plane certificates to these apps. This registration process will take some time as plane dimensions and measurements are part of the registration process.

Each time you go out to fly you will have to set up a flight plan for your plane/planes. Learn what is required to set up this flight plan within these apps. Flight plans can be filed at the airfield.

Go and do what we all want to do and that is FLY. Enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Pilots, the hardest thing about this process is registering your certificates and planes